Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Data Science

Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Data Science

Speak the Language of Applied Mathematics and Data Science

Have you always excelled in mathematics and science? If you’re fascinated by mathematical analysis of data information, our data science training degree program can help you become well versed in statistics and computer programming, preparing you for a variety of careers as from statistical analyst to database architect. 

Program Highlights
As a student in our applied mathematics and data science degree program, you’ll learn the necessary skills to execute effective mathematical analysis in finance, economics, biology, social sciences, business and data science. Students will gain experience in programming for data compilation; drawing data-based conclusions, modeling techniques and strategies, presenting compelling quantitative narratives; and more. 


Life and Physical Science
Students of the life and physical science concentration will have the opportunity to not only expand on their general education science selection but also apply their background in collaboration with professionals in health, pharmaceutical and science fields.

Big Data
Students of our big data training concentrations will focus on learning and developing programming-based solutions to storing, mining, cleaning, filtering and ultimately analyzing extreme volumes of data.

At Post University, we are committed to making each students education a personal experience. We keep our class sizes small to encourage in-depth discussions and collaborative problem solving. As soon as you enroll, you’ll be matched with an academic advisor who will be there to discuss your college-to-career path. 

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