Teaching English Language Learners (TELL) Certificate

Teaching English Language Learners (TELL) Certificate

If you’ve ever struggled learning a second language, you know what non-native English speakers go through as they seek to learn, understand and use English. Be part of the language-learning solution with Post University’s Graduate Certificate in Teaching English Language Learners (TELL) program. Whether it’s to help immigrants here in the States or to facilitate learning for organizations that teach English abroad, you’ll learn what it takes to let their voices be heard and understood.

Program Objective: 

To prepare you for an educational career teaching English to speakers of other languages.

Program Description: 

Explore the complexity involved in helping non-native speakers of all ages learn how, or refine their ability to, speak the English language. This 15-credit graduate certificate in TELL will give you the knowledge, learning theories and skills you need to teach grammar, syntax and everyday usage to students whose first language is not English.

Program Outcomes: 

Upon graduation, you will receive a graduate-level certificate and be prepared to work in a variety of educational ESL settings.

Students who wish to enroll in this graduate certificate program are required to have a bachelor’s degree.

NOTE: The 15 credit hours earned from this TELL graduate certificate program may be applied toward Post University’s 30-credit-hour Master of Education with a concentration in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

NOTE:  Post University’s Graduate Certificate in Teaching English Language Learners program is not a teacher licensure program.  Please check with your state and/or local district to confirm the use of this certificate towards any path to certification.