Online Graduate Certificate in Alcohol & Drug Counseling

Online Graduate Certificate in Alcohol & Drug Counseling

Program Objective: To enable you to provide guidance and support to people in recovery.

Program Description: Become an advocate in helping others battle addiction as you understand:

  • Addiction’s complex nature
  • Short- and long-term effects of substance abuse
  • Assessment, diagnosis, and treatment modalities
  • Requirements for licensure

Program Outcomes: Upon graduation, you will receive a Graduate Certificate and earn graduate-level credits toward becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Students who wish to enroll in this graduate certificate program are required to have a bachelor’s degree. 

Currently not enrolling students from California, Colorado, New York, Missouri, Mississippi, Kentucky, Idaho, and Pennsylvania.  

NOTE: Licensure is a professional process that varies from state to state. Please consult the appropriate state agency to determine the specific requirements for licensure in your state.