Online Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Management

Online Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Management

Program Objective: To meet the needs of present and/or future professionals who are interested in enhancing their skills in regard to management in a non-profit human services setting. 

Program Description: The Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Management is designed around the lives of working professionals who want to enhance their skillset to get ahead in their current careers. Classes blend theory and application so you’ll learn the latest and best practices in the current non-profit environment. 

Program Outcomes: Upon graduation, you will receive a Graduate Certificate and earn graduate-level credits that prepares professionals in key elements of successful management in regard to such critical aspects including organizational behavior, finances, information technology, in addition to human resources. 

Students who wish to enroll in this graduate certificate program are required to have a bachelor’s degree. 

NOTE: Licensure is a professional process that varies from state to state. Please consult the appropriate state agency to determine the specific requirements for licensure in your state.