Online Certificate

Program Objective: To help those who currently hold a Bachelor’s degree in a non-accounting or non-business discipline gain essential accounting skills.

Program Description: Enhance your education by developing accounting skills that are becoming increasingly vital in a variety of organizations. Become acquainted with such subject areas as:

Online Associate of Science

Program Objective: To help you take an important first step toward a career in this field.

Program Description: Help contribute to the success of a wide variety of organizations as you understand essential accounting principles. Receive one-on-one instruction from faculty with specific expertise in:


As long as businesses exist, accountants will be in demand. Accountants play an essential role in keeping businesses within their budgets, and the number of available jobs in accounting and auditing is expected to grow 11 percent between 2014 and 2024.

If you have strong mathematics skills and are able to analyze, compare and interpret facts and figures, a career in accounting may be right for you. If you currently hold an accounting position, learn more about our master’s degree program where you can grow your career and become a leader within your industry.