Human Services

Human Services

Working in the human services industry offers valued rewards and recognition as you continually find ways to better your community and those who live there. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with the public, who will rely on you for answers and solutions. 

If you currently work within the human services industry, find out how you can advance your career through our master’s program and become a leader who motivates other professionals to work together for the greater good.

Online Learning Opportunities

As a student of our online programs, you’ll have the flexibility and convenience of no set class times.  You are held accountable for your work and are required to remain highly involved with your professors, who will willingly give their time and effort to support you. Courses emphasize group discussion, and professors offer feedback in real time learning technology. You’ll be able to stay motivated and engaged in the process while you learn independently and uphold your other responsibilities.

Learn more about our human services program offerings.